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About Us

Mission and Vision

Our activities include development, manufacturing, converting and distributing paper products. We provide complex solutions in food and industrial packaging and services for schools, offices and printshops.

Long tradition and outstanding position in the market oblige us to continue in the highest quality and reliability, which is supported by continuous improvements and innovations.

Rich experiences of our employees are key factors on our way to full satisfaction of our customers.


Product Quality - certificates are a guarantee of product quality

  • We are holders of ISO 9001:2000 and many awards of quality. We are systematicly processing standardisation of our quality.
  • We assure technical characteristics of our products according to official references, technology values and technical norms.
  • We harmonise the quality with price and trade rules.
  • Small improvements in daily work and corporate culture helps us to reduce a probability of reclamation. If their over all occur, we reply within 2 days and solve it in 30 days at the latest. Quick treatment of complaints is our priority.

Open Guarantees - our business policy is transparent

  • We present transparently guarantees provided to our customers and we respond to received comments.
  • Our effort is to reduce conflict of interests in our own distribution network.

Permanent Innovations - innovation and widening our offer

  • We assess suggestions of our business partners to adapt the product portfolio.
  • We observe product life cycle and optimize the catalogue offer.
  • We widen the production selection and their applications.
  • We invest in new modern technologies a develop new products. It helps us to boost our product capacity and to consolidate our strong position in the market.

Corporate Social Responsibility - we feel responsibility to the region and the society

  • We take care of motivation and permanent professional growth of our employees.
  • We support schools, sport and cultural activities.

Environment Responsibility - we respect environmental perspectives

  • We meet all demanding criteria of the European Union in the field of environment.
  • Our significant investments into water treatment and power supply solved the main problems in water and air pollution.
  • We do not break any of the defined limits in environmental field.
  • We use secondary resources in paper production, especially trimmed edge paper and waste paper.
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